Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finally here!

After a 2 1/2 day journey across the country, I'm finally here in Cairo. It's ridiculously hot, but I think I'll survive. The other MESP students are great, and my flat is amazing, even if it is falling apart. I seriously think the oven is going to explode it we try to use it, but I guess we'll find out. They took us for a bus tour of Cairo today to help us figure out what's where so that we aren't completely lost when they set us loose on the city alone. We drove past the pyramids and over the Nile. Pretty amazing. :) I can't wait for a chance to go back. The architecture here is also fantastic! Alot of it is really old and falling apart, and since it doesn't rain here it's all pretty filthy, but you can still see how beautiful it is. I definitely need to get some pictures up for you soon.

They're going to keep us pretty busy for the next week, but next Wednesday our normal classes and such will start so I'll have more of a chance to update (maybe).

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